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Now you can watch CCTV America wherever you are, online or on mobile. When we are not in a live newscast you will see replays or a live stream of news events.


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  • Wayne Krumbach

    Tour de force.

  • Nina Yakimiuk

    This is great! Thanks for sharing and letting me know!

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  • joshia


  • David Lloyd-Jones

    First time I’ve seen you guys. Funny how good comes out of bad: America crippled itself with mass media stupidity, so now they’re going to have the benefit of Al Jazeera, BBC and CCTV competing to hold the role that BBC always held, often undeservedly, as fair news.

    So congratulations, good luck, and welcome, CCTV!


    • Rodger Jueckstock

      You forgot rttv, The Al Jazeera website live channel is blocked in the U.S.

    • Rodger Jueckstock

      Also RTTV. AlJazeera live web video is blocked in the U.S.

  • ETN

    You are watching CCTV America !!

    • Brad

      Yes, isn’t the term environment, an American word n laws made to protect. How do they get away with plagerizing most of our countries technology. We never get any type of payment for our innovatie ideas from China.

  • Nojima Nobuyuki

    I found this link yesterday, but it doesn’t work today ! Can anyone tell me how to restart the program ?

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  • ting

    Hello there, is there a possible way to increase the volume of this website?

    • Rich Murphy

      On the videos or livestream?

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  • toxotis323

    The Volume is a big problem, why is that?

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  • Lee

    “…fair news” (David Lloyd James, below). Are you serious?

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  • Amadou Jallow

    As Ebola is spreading like wild fire it seems it is following the developing countries with a weaker public health system. Thus, the need for international community to interfere immediately by supporting countries that are yet to be affected while Public Health Intervention strategies are improved and strengthened in the affected countries.

    • 1AdamBaum

      Google “Agenda21″

  • Julonta Eddie Tokpah, II

    Watch out Africa, Ebola is fast growing… what is the UN and so-called powerful countries doing to stop this deadly enemy? What is African leaders doing to safe the continent? God bless Liberia and safe Africa

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  • CCTV America


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  • Everybody Love Everybody

    Everybody Love Everybody • 14 hours ago

    There were two occasions, I had to deal with chinese exporters on Alibaba. Both turned out to be fraud.

    Best way to deal with Chinese exporters, is to visit the city, and sign the papers locally. Frankly, businessmen dealing in imports & exports would not be surprised, if a massive accounting fraud was caught in Alibaba’s books.

    Americans are advised to be careful, and take it easy with this outfit.

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  • Rony

    Great content for Americas- an option to regular media!-

  • OculusVeritas

    I researched this site after watching Link TV – “Full Frame” followed by “Laura Flanders”
    I’m about to cut the cord to cable, satellite….and although it will be different from the junk we are forced fed at least I have had choices of Free Speech TV and Link TV on my service. Now I’m ready for to get rid of the mass media aggregator service and move on to more independent viewing choices!!!

  • neo prime

    I also use this link. At times the live-stream-player would not work but as of now it is working…hooray!

  • celaer lr

    Where are you America in all these on-going killings and persecution of Christians???
    Where are you the country of self proclaim democracy?

  • Philip Mensah

    As much as I do not condone violence, what is going on in Baltimore is as a result of denied justice on the altar of recial prejudices.
    Justice must be granted to all irrespective of race, color or creed and this will eliminate all racial violence.

  • Pepe Turcon

    Rage of Bal ghetto vs cops is not due to police killing black.It’s brainwashing to hate the only discipline they have had in their lives.