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Now you can watch CCTV America wherever you are, online or on mobile. When we are not in a live newscast you will see replays or a live stream of news events.


  • Wayne Krumbach

    Tour de force.

  • Nina Yakimiuk

    This is great! Thanks for sharing and letting me know!

  • joshia


  • David Lloyd-Jones

    First time I’ve seen you guys. Funny how good comes out of bad: America crippled itself with mass media stupidity, so now they’re going to have the benefit of Al Jazeera, BBC and CCTV competing to hold the role that BBC always held, often undeservedly, as fair news.

    So congratulations, good luck, and welcome, CCTV!


  • ETN

    You are watching CCTV America !!

  • Nojima Nobuyuki

    I found this link yesterday, but it doesn’t work today ! Can anyone tell me how to restart the program ?

  • ting

    Hello there, is there a possible way to increase the volume of this website?

  • toxotis323

    The Volume is a big problem, why is that?