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Filming at sunset

XINJIANG: Through our eyes

In the final episode of our special series, our reporter Han Bin wraps up his journey to Xinjiang, and provides his perspectives, through our lenses and interviews.

family photo

XINJIANG: Cross-border ties at Tacheng

Exploring China’s New Frontier, reporter Han Bin visits the city of Tacheng, on the border with Kazakhstan. He met a Uyghur family whose experience shows why border trade is so important, and what the new initiatives mean for the region.


XINJIANG: Rapper on the cutting edge

Reporter Han Bin profiles a Uyghur rap singer. 30-year-old A-Mac wants to use music as a bridge to overcome prejudice and stereotype. And he does it with a combination of strong rhythm and poetic lyrics… in Mandarin.

Ye Mei restoring a cave wall

XINJIANG: Protecting ancient art

Two-thousand years ago, the Silk Road was not only a trade route, but a corridor for ideas to flow. For the past 18 years, art historian Ye Mei has been investigating the secrets of murals created when Buddhism flourished in Xinjiang.