Women dying during child birth is a global health issue

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The number of women dying from childbirth is staggering.

Every minute a women somewhere in the world dies from giving birth. Every year this amounts to nearly one million children left without a mother.

Without a mother to care for them, children are ten times more likely to die prematurely. There are currently more than 220 million women around the world who are in urgent need of modern contraceptives.

Allowing women access to modern forms of reproductive healthcare can empower them to make their own choices about their own health. However, the impact of these choices is far more reaching than just family planning. A woman’s access to modern contraceptives can have lasting impacts on her family and her community as a whole.

Saundra Pelletier is an expert in women’s reproductive health technologies. For Saundra, women’s reproductive rights is more than just a women’s issue; it is a global health issue that needs to be prioritized.