Iraq asks United States for air support to counter rebels



The battle for control of Iraq’s largest oil refinery is raging for a third day. The Iraqi army appears to be holding its ground but it is being outflanked by radical Sunni militants. This is fueling fears that the insurgency could spread across Iraq and beyond its borders. CCTV’s Tony Cheng is monitoring the situation from northern Iraq.

U.S. President Barack Obama has announced 300 military advisers will head to Iraq. They’ll help the Iraqi army defend against militants trying to over-run the country.
The second limited deployment announced at the White House falls short of the request from the Iraqi government for air strikes.
The U.S. President, however, reserves the right to ramp up America’s response should the situation get worse.
Nathan King reports.

President Obama’s decision to send military advisers has sparked fierce debate on both sides of the issue.
Joining me here in Washington is Ari Ratner, a former appointee of the State Department, and currently at the Truman National Security Project.
And from Denver, Christopher Hill, a former U.S. ambassador to Iraq.