Video: Boy Trapped Between Walls Rescued in Guizhou


Boy Trapped Between Walls

A five-year-old boy who got stuck in a narrow gap between two walls while playing in a city in southwest China’s Guizhou Province was rescued on Sunday.

The boy was found trapped deep within a 20-centimeter-wide and seven-meter-deep gap between two buildings in Bijie City.

As relatives of the boy were unable to rescue him because of the extreme narrowness of the gap, they called the fire department for help.

To avoid injuring the boy, the firefighters decided to break a hole in the wall through which to rescue him.

One of the walls, an external wall of a public lavatory that was built with bricks and wood in the early 1990s, was somewhat unstable, so the firefighters used steel pipes and wood to support it before beginning to remove the bricks.

After a half an hour effort, the firefighters pulled the boy through the hole to safety.

The boy was reunited with his relatives and suffered only minor cuts and bruises.