Deep Divisions over Fate of Ukraine

The Heat


Two Ukrainian helicopters were shot down and more than 40-people killed when anti-Kiev protestors seized a union building in Odessa.Ukraine’s interim President admits he’s lost control of the East and Russian President Vladimir Putin is demanding that Ukraine withdraw its troops or face potentially disastrous consequences.

So far, the economic sanctions levied by the United States and the European Union have done little to persuade Russia to help de-escalate the unrest in eastern Ukraine. CCTV’s Kate Parkinson reports from Slavyansk.


A referendum is planned Sunday in Donetsk, but unlike Crimea, citizens won’t be asked whether they want to join Russia. Instead, they’ll be asked if they support the creation of an independent “Donetsk People’s Republic.” Later this month, presidential elections are planned to vote for a formal replacement for ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled the capital in February.

Steven Pifer  former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine during the Clinton administration and currently a Senior Fellow with the Brookings Institution shares his perspective on Ukraine’s ongoing conflict. 

U.S. President Obama is calling for a diplomatic solution  in Ukraine but says the West is ready to take more severe steps with additional economic sanctions.

Alexander Nekrassov, former advisor to the Kremlin and Doctor Taras Kuzio – an international expert on contemporary Ukrainian and post-communist politics join Anchor Anand Naidoo to discuss whether violence in Ukraine could escalate.